We went out for Thai food last night; it was pretty cheap and surprisingly good, an important combination. There’s a Tex-Mex restaurant that I’m tempted, but hesitant to try. And next to the university is a café with a menu in English that I’m told serves American style food. I need to get out and try more restaurants or vary my cooking repertoire a little because right now my diet consists of pasta and the occasional frozen pizza. I’m meeting people at a park this afternoon to play soccer so I should probably try to get some homework done and find an internet café that’s open on Sunday, God forbid.
September 11 in Germany was interesting. I saw coverage of the anniversary ceremonies on CNN and BBC but otherwise there was no mention of it at all here. And we’re isolated enough that a couple of the other Americans didn’t even realize what day it was. Then last night as we walked up to this plaza where we were supposed to meet people, we heard Carmina Burana playing and saw lots of people gathered around something with lights, which turned out to be a replica of the twin towers. We all found it a little strange. Not that there was a memorial, but that it obviously wasn’t sponsored by Americans, or even by Germans, but Iranians. And there was a painting of some Iranian man who died in the attack. Aside from the oddity of it, it was nicely done and very respectful.

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