I know it’s been a while, but here is the lastest installment in the Kyle saga. He is a self-proclaimed drug user, and abuser, and pot head, and we’ve seen plently of evidence in the last few months to believe that’s completely true. His experience with drugs, however, does not seem to extend to buying them, only using them. In a city like Frankfurt- the drug capitol of Germany we’ve been told – pot and hash are for sale on practically every corner and all of us have been offered drugs at some point. All of us except Kyle, apparently. Which is funny, because I don’t think I come across as much of a drug user, and I’m certainly not. But anyhow, there was another comical night when Kyle was trying to buy hash from some Turkish guys at a Döner Kebap stand who definately had it, just wouldn’t sell it to him. And he was so pissed off after that night that he must have gone out a couple days later determined to buy some. He found some guy on the street somewhere who said he had hash and led him into a dark alley. The whole time the guy was acting really shady and nervous and he said there were police around so they had to be quick. He showed Kyle some stuff, which he said he couldn’t see very well. So Kyle paid the guy 30 euros and brought it home. Back in his room he took a look at it and thought it looked a little funny. He smoked a little and said it didn’t get him very high. So he called Dave and Justin over to check it out. The minute they walked into his room it was obvious that Kyle had bought a pile of granite rocks and pebbles. He bought 6 grams of rock. And paid 30 euros for it. And smoked it.

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  1. Dear Rachel,

    I stumbled across this when I was looking up the old address I used to live at when I was in the army years ago. I lived at 21 Walter Kolb Strasse. I was probably a year or two older than you are now and we used to hang out at the Irish pub and a place called jazz life. When I saw you’re from texas I had to post a comment (my wife and I live in Oklahoma City but I work on drilling rigs in Texas all the time-in fact I’m sitting on one now near Canadian, Tx waiting to head home.) I’ve spent the last 30 minutes reading your diary entries and got a kick out of them. I went to Amsterdam too. My mom and her husband met me there for 10 days the year the Berlin wall fell, 1989 or so. Do they still sell those roasted chestnuts along the river at Christmas time (in Frankfurt I mean). Well this is turning out more boring than I intended, I just really enjoyed reading your impressions.

    Steve Estes

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