3.5 weeks to go

I haven’t gotten anything done in the last 3 weeks, so it’s now time to seriously get down to work on papers for all of my classes which need to be turned in in the very near future. Many hours at the library and in front of the computer. Liz and I are going to see a concert in Wiesbaden on Saturday and I’m looking forward to that. The following Friday the Tour de France stage ends for the day in Karlsruhe and I have a friend studying there so it would be awesome if I can manage to go see that. And then there are one or two trips in the works, but probably not for a couple weeks because I need to get caught up on the school stuff. Oh well, plenty to look forward to. I leave Germany in less than 4 weeks; I can’t believe that. Has it really been 10 months already? I guess so.

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