Finally here

Finally here in Frankfurt, and the first day was like a whirlwind. Not having slept in 2 days already I got in at 7 am and spent the entire day running errands with no chance for a nap. Late in the afternoon I was finally left alone and slept for a few hours. When I got up, I ate cheese for dinner because I hadn’t done any grocery shopping and met some people in the kitchen/lounge area of the student dorms. That was the first chance I had to talk to people and I am almost convinced that there are no other girls living on my floor. All of the people that came in or out and everyone I’ve seen in the hallways are guys. Today I was supposed to register with the university, but I didn’t get the papers they sent to Houston over a month ago, so I can’t do that till next week. But there is a tour of the university for the foreign students after lunch and maybe some grocery shopping is in order. More later when I can be on my own computer. The German keyboards make typing anything with y or z and punctuation really annoying. Hope Houston’s still functioning. Later

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  1. Hey Rachel! So cool to see you on this here internet thingy… I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time in Germany!

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