You may remember that I had problems with the German postal system when I first got here. Well, here’s the latest postal mishap, which frankly, didn’t suprise me much at all. I went to the post office yesterday to mail my absentee ballot for the election. It was larger and heavier than a normal envelope so rather than use the automated stamp machine I went inside to have them weigh it and make sure it had the correct postage. So the woman put a stamp on it and stuck it in the mail. Today I opened my mailbox to check my mail and I find none other than my absentee ballot, in my mailbox. It was supposed to go to the USA!!! Why was it in my mailbox? So I took it back to the post office and the lady didn’t appear suprised at all at what had happened. Apparently they sent it to the return address. But maybe they do that often here, I don’t know. It’s Germany. So she put a blank sticker over the return address and put it in the mail again. Hopefully this time it’s on its way to Houston…

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