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Six American students sitting in a seminar about the Vietnam War with 70 German students. It’s the first day of the class and topic is the class’ knowledge of the war. Discussion turns to the veterans who fought in Vietnam and how they are viewed now as opposed to when they first returned from the war. Though most of the Americans have the sense to stay quiet and listen, one does not… He raises his hand and says many people feel that the Vietnam war was a senseless war. Another student challenges this statement asking which war was not senseless. Rather than think before he speaks, our first student responds by saying that in the United States veterans of the Vietnam War were looked down upon when they first came home and only years later did they gain the respect that was immediately given to soldiers returning from, say, World War II, who were immediately seen as heroes. Now remember where this takes place…and picture the entire room breaking into whispers and shock on everyone’s faces.

Kyle Michelson, everyone. Applause please. He’ll be here every Friday for your entertainment, or at least until he learns to shut up.

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  1. Hopefully it will be. And if the class doesn’t provide enough material then everyday life with him does, complete with videos, so I’ll try to keep this up.

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