back in germany

I’m back in Frankfurt. It’s weird, but also a relief to be out of Houston again. I love many things about it, but there was no point to me being there and I was ready to stop wasting time and get on with life. Not that I’m doing anything other than wasting time here these days. I still need to write a paper for a class from last semester that I’ve been putting off, and with the next semester’s classes starting Monday it’s about time for that to happen. I think it’s a bit ironic that I’ve already registered for fall classes at Rice, yet have very little idea what I’m going to take next week. But that’s the joy of study abroad, it doesn’t matter. Only it does now. I don’t intend to worry myself about it though.

It seems that all the girls who lived on my floor moved out while I was at home. I don’t really care because I rarely talked to any of them but I was excited to come back and find the crazy guy who lived next door to me has moved to the other end of the hall. My only hope is that the room stays empty, which I’m sure won’t happen.

Spring has come to Germany. It’s usually in the 50s or 60s during the day. Some days are sunny and beautiful, some days are cloudy, some rainy. The sunny days are nice, and rare here. But I really enjoy the gray cloudy days too, as strange as that sounds. I guess that means Germany is a good place for me to be, there are plenty of them.

As things get started up again here I’ll try to update more regularly; we shall see if that actually happens. But hopefully I’ll get back to the ridiculous stories, and away from the moody complaints. Almost every time you go out in this city something funny happens. It’s just a matter of remembering to tell people about it.

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