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Alright, I admit, I can be very irresponsible. And it seems that I’ve had more moments of irresponsibility recently than usual. I realized yesterday that somewhere during my crazy night out on Saturday I managed to lose my cell phone. I rarely use it and it’s mostly a hassle so I’m not terribly distraught over this, but it’s still annoying. The phone did have moments of being very useful.

Thanks to Roman, who usually is a pretty frustrating human being, I now know how to get to the Taunus- the forested hill region just outside of Frankfurt. I’ve been trying to figure it out for months, and he made the mistake of trying to talk me into going up there with him and telling me how to take the train to get there. The next day I woke up to find out that classes were cancelled for a national holiday and decided to use my suddenly free day to do some hiking. It also somehow turned out to be a day with beautiful weather so it was perfect. I chose a trail and set off and before too long managed to lose the marked trail I had been following and end up on an unmarked trail. I had no map and no idea where I was going so when I came across a marked trail with people on it I decided to just pick a direction and follow it to the end, wherever that may be. Luckily the trail came out of the forest not too far from where I had started, though I didn’t realize it at the time. But there was a bus stop on the road so I took the bus to somewhere it met up with the train and was on my way back to Frankfurt. It was a very enjoyable afternoon despite, or perhaps because of, getting lost and I’m very much looking forward to going back, hopefully with a map.

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