oh no, how could i forget?!

I haven’t shared any crazy German(y) stories here for a while, but this one deserved to be told. Yesterday Dave and I were walking around in town heading from the main train station (a pretty bad part of town, and the red light district) to the Zeil, the main shopping and downtown area (a nice upscale area). Just before we got to the Zeil we saw some guy sort of limping/running on the other side of the street. He ran up to an expensive car with two well dressed men in it, one driving and the other getting into the passenger side with the door open. The limping guy started stabbing the man getting into the car with a knife so he took off down the street to get away and the dude with the knife disappeared. The driver got out to figure out where his friend had gone to but the whole time he looked totally nonchallant about the whole thing, as if it were nothing out of the ordinary. When the passenger came back you could see the knife wounds bleeding all over his back and shoulders.

This definitely takes the cake as far as knife fights. The one we saw in the train station months ago doesn’t even compare. It was almost like a Turkish mafia hit, by the dreaded cripple or something. Frankfurt’s full of excitement, as always.

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