No school!

So we don´t have class on Wednesdays and that has been very nice. It was relaxing. Now I´m at another dorm in the room of a friend of mine and she´s lucky enough to have internet connection already. Whatever, I´ll get that next week. On my birthday, a very welcome birthday present. Some of the Brazilian and Portugese students are having a party tonight and there´s also a soccer match between Brazil and Germany so I´m sure it will be quite exciting.
On another note, I was finally able to put up blinds over my huge window yesterday so I no longer feel like I´m living in a fish bowl for all to see. And we never found the party that we heard about last night, but I went with some of the other Americans to this little kiosk down the street to buy beer and we sat outside and just chilled last night. Yesterday and today have been the most enjoyable times yet, so that is encouraging. I´m off now to find the other people downstairs. Guten abend!

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  1. Man you’re like a super-blogger. I gotta post more to keep up. I hope your weekend rocked.

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