Week 1

Well, this has been quite a week. After the first week of German courses, I can’t say that I’m impressed. So far it’s been pretty boring and easy, but it’s picking up in pace, and I think I’ll be wishing I was in an easier class before long. The German school system, and university in particular, is designed so that students are responsible for doing much more studying on their own than we are used to in the States. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten into that habit yet here; there are too many other distractions. On Friday night some of the people on my floor made fun of the foreign students living here because we all decided we were tired and would rather just stay here and watch a movie. Which apparently is not a viable option for Friday night plans in Germany. But I felt completely justified because it feels like every night this week has been Friday night. Every night since last weekend there has either been a party at one of the student dorms, or we have met up with a large group of people and gone to a bar somewhere to drink and hang out and generally terrorize Frankfurt. We found an “Anglo Irish Pub” in Sachsenhausen that seems to be a favorite among our group for its good prices and Guinness. But there’s also a jazz club that we attempted to go to last night that’s on my list of places to try.

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