That’s my word of the week. I seriously think I have a curse when it comes to computers. I left my room for 5 or 6 hours on Sunday to go to a picnic, left my laptop on. And when I got back it had one of those lovely blue “you’ve managed to screw something up without doing anything” screens. That’s happened before, though it’s certainly not a regular occurance. So I shut down the computer and went to dinner at Mr. Lin’s (I think we’re addicted). When I got back I had our resident comp sci nerd look at it, and it wouldn’t start normally or in safe mode. His semi-expert opinion is that one of the drivers failed, or maybe the hard drive is just dead dead dead. So whatever, I’m back to no computer in my room until Justin figures out what’s wrong. And of course I left my recovery disks at home so I had my parents Fed-Ex them. Wonderful. Well, on a happier note, it was a good weekend otherwise. Went for a long, relaxing walk yesterday in the park near where we live and then may have given us food poisoning at dinner. I feel better, but Dave didn’t show up to class today. Ok, well I’m heading into town to take care of some stuff. No class tomorrow! I love having Wednesdays free; it’s like a weekend in the middle of the week. A group of us talked about trying to go to Stuttgart this weekend for Oktoberfest and that could be lots of fun.

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