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I’ve gotten over the frusteration of computer problems and all the other things that seem to go wrong here. I don’t really care anymore, and for the moment I’m content to enjoy life as it is. Everything else will work itself out.
This morning there was some problem with the subway on the way to class. We got on one train and stood there for 5 minutes listening to a recording saying that we would have to get off at the next stop and walk to the campus because there was something wrong in the tunnel for a couple stops. Finally they told everyone to get off that train and we tried to find a bus that would take us there, with no luck. We thought we’d have to walk all the way, and at this point we were going to be late anyhow. But another train came, we got on it, and it took us to the right stop. When we got off the entire station smelled horrible and it was kind of hazy. There must have been some kind of electrical fire or something. All very strange, but we ended up being just a few minutes late and the teacher hadn’t started yet, so it was all good.
I registered to vote by absentee ballot today for the election. Seems way too easy, they don’t even require ID. But that’s nice because my passport is off somewhere supposedly to apply for a student visa but I have this fear that I may never see it again.
We’re going to Heidelberg tomorrow for the Herbstfest. Don’t know what that is, but as my German teacher said, “a fest is a fest.” The tickets are ridiculously cheap: €28 for 5 people, to anywhere in Germany on a Saturday or Sunday. Why not at $6 a person? I will take pictures and share them eventually, when that is possible again.

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