and i’m off again

Tomorrow I’m going to Köln for the weekend. Which is a very good thing. It’s one of my top two favorite cities in Germany, along with Berlin; and after a stressful, frustrating week I need to get away and do something enjoyable.
After many more hours in doctor’s offices this week they’ve decided that fixing my hand is going to require surgery. Without going into all the details, I’m fed up with the German health care system and after almost 2 months since the injury, there doesn’t appear to be much urgency in having the surgery done. So it’s scheduled for sometime in March while I’m at home. It will make many things much easier, but I’m really bummed that some of the plans I was really looking forward to while I was home (such as backpacking in Big Bend) will probably not be looked very favorably upon by my parents or the doctors right after having had surgery. And I’ll probably have a cast for a month or more. But none of this can be helped now. On the up side, this does give me a good excuse for missing a week of seminars here that I don’t particularly want to attend.
Alright, stories and pictures from Köln coming next week. I’m supposed to meet up with Kevin and go to Hard Rock Cafe tomorrow night, so that should be fun, and interesting. Never a dull moment with him around.

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