let the good times roll

I managed to stay much busier than normal this week and it’s good to have something to occupy my time with, particularly when it’s constructive but I’m not too picky about that. Friday night was a blast. I hung out with Justin, Liz and eventually Khristian. Saturday I was pretty lazy most of the day. Watched TV for a while-very rare-, did some much needed cleaning of my room, and got talked into going shopping with Liz and Justin. We went to just about every store on the Zeil looking for a Go board. It’s some game that Justin is determined to find and only one store had them but they were extremely expensive so I think he’s going to make the trek to Toys ‘R Us. I had meant to go read a new book in the park but those plans were hijacked in favor of the shopping. Maybe today. Last night we went over to LuLa to play pool. What originally was a handful of people hanging out turned into a mid sized party when people kept coming to see what was going on. My normally pathetic pool skills appear to function about like my German skills. They improve under the influence of alcohol to a certain point, and then they’re just awful. But same goes for everyone else’s as well so I actually managed to hold my own fairly well.

In closing I would like to say that Kate rules! And she sends the best mail ever, complete with pictures. Getting cards from her always makes it a good day.

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