Nacht der Museums and such

This ended up being a pretty busy week. Not for any particular reason, but it seemed that for several days I was only in my room long enough each day to sleep. As a result there are quite a few things that I’ve put off that now really need to be done, but procrastination is a way of life. 😉 I’ve finally been to all of my classes for the semester at least once. The new ones this week had kind of mixed results; some will be interesting, some I’ll just put up with for the necessary amount of time. And there are two that I will not be returning to for whatever reason.

Friday afternoon I took a really long walk through parts of the city that I haven’t really explored until now. I have some nice pictures that I’ll put up here of various parks and random stuff. There are certain things about Frankfurt that I appreciate more all the time and walking around like this reminds me why I like the city.

Last night was Nacht der Museums in Frankfurt. One night a year all of the museums, and a variety of galleries, historical building, the zoo and the Palmengarten are open. With a very inexpensive ticket you have access of all 50 venues from 7 pm to 2 am, and I believe the Palm Garden is open with music until 7 am. All over the place there are stands and restaurants open selling food and drink and there are crowds of people everywhere. It’s a really awesome concept as far as I’m concerned. So we planned to go to that last night and headed downtown. We met up with some people who had just visited the modern art museum and they decided they wanted Burger King before continuing to another museum. I think that’s only the second time I’ve eaten at BK since I’ve been here, and I’ve never been able to bring myself to go to Mc Donalds though I’m told I should. But anyhow, the only things I’d consumed up to that point in the day were alcoholic or chocolate so eating was quite good. Then we went to another art museum but while waiting for people to finish cigarettes four of us decided that we weren’t up for the entire night of museuming and headed off to Sachsenhausen to O’Dwyers pub. So, in the end I didn’t do the museum thing at all. Kind of a shame, but we decided that it would be better to go some day when they weren’t going to be so overly crowded. It was a fun night anyhow.

Today will be a relaxed day of movies and baseball games. Pictures coming soon.

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