several things

– Someone vomited in the stairwell of my building last Saturday night, and it still has not been cleaned up. Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen the cleaning lady in a long time. Maybe she quit.

– Tacos are great. Justin, Liz and I made them for dinner last night and we could have used a little more chicken, but they were delicious. I’m missing Mexican food.

– This university is insane. They moved one of my classes to another room, but when I tried to go to class yesterday it was nowhere to be found. There were other classes meeting in both the old and new rooms.

– I need to remember to water my plants more often. Well, one of them anyhow; the cactus doesn’t need much water, as with the aloe vera. But they’re all happily growing and make my desk a little more festive.

– I haven’t been grocery shopping in maybe 5 days, maybe longer. That’s got to be some sort of record for me in Germany. But that means that today there will be multiple grocery adventures.

– Travelocity has some good deals on airfare. At first glance. But then when you actually try to get specific information you find out that either a) all of the flights are sold out for then entire time period for which they are advertised or b) they may be offering round trip flights from New York to Frankfurt but the particular airline doesn’t actually have service from Frankfurt to NYC, only NYC to Frankfurt. So in both cases I’m left wondering why they advertised something completely useless in the firstplace and why it’s still turning up as a possibility.

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